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Aubusson and Felletin Tapestries

The opening of the “Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie” took place in 2016. This multidisciplinary art has been registered since 2009 by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The art of Aubusson tapestries was born here on the banks of the clear waters of the river la Creuse which were useful for the dyeing of the natural fibres and in close proximity of sheep flocks that provided the wool used in weaving.

Le Petit Vatel is ideally situated halfway between Aubusson and Felletin, the two towns at the centre of this internationally renowned art that were known not only for their specific “basse lisse” loom but also for their original interpretation of artistic creations.

Between Limoges and Clermont Ferrand, take the time to discover this continuously developing art, as well as the latest contemporary creations commissioned by the “Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie” and “l’Art Tissé d’Aubusson”.

As well as the tapestry drawings museum, the spinning mills, dye workshops and weavers welcome you during the tourist season to discover looms and ancestral techniques that machinery will never be able to replicate.

Tapisserie d'Aubusson Felletin
Tapisserie d'Aubusson Felletin
Tapisserie d'Aubusson Felletin